The Learning Scientists

A blog on issues of attention, memory, and learning. Cognitive psychologists Megan Sumeracki and Yana Weinstein (as well as their amazing team of guest bloggers) summarize research findings for students, educators, parents, and anyone who wants to learn how to learn.

The Psych Show

Clinical psychologist Ali Mattu brings psychology to life in his personal, often nerd-inspired, explanations of psychological phenomenon. His YouTube channel features topics on sci-fi ("The Last Jedi Psychology Explained") with the same thoroughness as his overviews of mental health ("How to overcome social anxiety").

It's a Noisy Planet, Protect Their Hearing

An educational campaign supported by the National Institutes of Health, Noisy Planet provides resources to teach children about how hearing works and how to prevent hearing loss.

Frontiers for Young Minds

Frontiers for Young Minds is a scientific journal written by scientists for children. Children are involved in the review and editing process to ensure age-appropriate writing on a variety of topics—including genetics, ocean life, astronomy, and neuroscience. Not only does Dr. AuBuchon serve as a Science Mentor for the Young Minds who review the papers, but she has written a paper herself! Click here to go directly to her paper on how children’s brains listen to background noise​ and tips for listening through the noise.