Auditory Prostheses and Perception Laboratory


The long-term objective of our lab is to understand basic mechanisms underlying auditory and speech perception by individuals with normal hearing, hearing loss and cochlear implants. Our experiments include​ psychophysical measures of listeners' sensitivity to subtle differences between sounds, measures of listeners' sensitivity to speech intonation and lexical tone recognition and the processing of degraded speech by the normal and impaired auditory system.


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The APPL area includes one large sound booth for conducting listening tests in quiet environments, an adjacent room from which sounds delivered to the booth are controlled and experiments monitored ​and an outside area in which experiments involving direct electrical stimulation of the implanted device are conducted. Data are also collected off-site in our collaborators' labs in Taiwan and at UCSF (Dr. Yung-Song Lin's lab, Chi-Mei Medical Center, Tainan, Taiwan and Dr. Charles Limb's lab at UCSF).


Our work is currently funded by NIH (grant no. R01 DC014233), a subcontract from grant no. R01 HD081127 to Dr. Rochelle Newman at the University of Maryland, and a grant from the American Hearing Research Foundation. ​