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Boys Town Research Vehicle


​​​​​​The Boys Town Research Vehicle (RV) is a mobile research laboratory with a built-in sound booth. With the Boys Town RV, we can do research anywhere we have a place to park! 

The Boys Town RV is a large, custom-built trailer that has hospital-grade equipment to test hearing and speech. It is wheelchair-accessible and climate-controlled. It is fully equipped for hearing research studies, but it can be used for other communication-based studies, like speech, language, memory, and attention, as well as screenings at community health fairs.

The Boys Town Research Vehicle was funded by the NIH under a Notice of Special Interest (NOSI): Admi​nistrative Supplements for Equipment Purchases for NIGMS-funded Center and Core Facilities (3 P20 GM109023-08S1).​

Why Have a Mobile Laboratory?​​

We created the Boys Town RV so that more people can have the chance to participate in research in their community. We come to you! Our researchers are able to conduct their studies in a controlled environment while improving access for a diverse population to participate in research close to home.

Where Do We Go?​​

Our RV will travel across the states of Nebraska and Iowa, building relationships with community partners as we go. We can go to schools, parks, businesses, health fairs and more. Our community partners help us find a place to park and spread the word about the chance to participate in research. See the Community Partners page for more information on partnerships and hosting the Boys Town RV near you.