Evidence-Based Registry Status


​​​​One of the primary goals of the Boys Town Strategic Plan is to invest in research to build the evidence base for our Youth Care programs and services.

Specific registries for evidence-based programs have been developed by agencies such as the California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse for Child Welfare, the National Institute of Justice CrimeSolutions, What Works Clearinghouse, and youth.gov, to name a few.

These registries publish standards for evidence-based programs, and they have panels of experts who review programs and publish information about the level of evidence for each program reviewed.

These registries have different review criteria and methods and they are focused on somewhat different populations of children and families. However, they all share the approach that intervention programs vary on a continuum of evidence for their effectiveness, from no evidence to evidence-informed to evidence-based.  

Ongoing Youth Care program development and research at Boys Town will:

  1. Allow us to continue to apply to these and other registries of evidence-based programs to upgrade the status of our ratings
  2. Have our programs and services listed on multiple registries.

Both will help us continue to compete successfully for service contracts while we also continue to improve the quality of our service delivery.

Status of Boys Town Youth Care Programs and Services on Evidence-Based Registries

Learning and Improving through Research