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​​​​Research Key Points

  • You can help advance science and medicine.
  • Participating in research is always voluntary.
  • Researchers must protect participant information.

Participating in research is a way to help advance science and healthcare, and it's fun. At Boys Town National Research Hospital, we think all children and families should have the chance to participate in hearing research. That's why we built the BTRV!

If you have signed up for a mobile research opportunity – we thank you.

It's important to know that no one has to participate in research. Each person gets to say if they want to participate or not, and researchers will respect each person's decision. This includes decisions made by children and their parents.

If a person does participate in a research study, resear​chers may need to see and use information about them. Both Boys Town and the U.S. government have rules that protect the information that researchers collect from study participants. Researchers will always ask permission before we collect any sensitive information. We will use the information we collect to better understand the results of the study. For example, we might find a connection between how well children hear in background noise and where they live. Once we know what connections there are between children's hearing-in-noise and their daily lives, we can find better ways to support children who experience challenges.

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Hearing and Speech-Language Screenings

Many research studies done in the BTRV include screenings for hearing and speech-language abilities. A hearing screening is a test to see if someone may have a hearing loss. A speech-language screening is a test to see if someone may have difficulty using or understanding speech or language. It is possible that a hearing loss, speech-language impairment, or other condition could be observed during a research study. If this happens, researchers will help make sure families connect with the right resources. Participating in research does not replace going to the doctor.


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