Brad Corr, PT, DPT

Brad Corr, PT, DPT


Brad Corr, PT, DPT, is the Associate Director of Physical Rehabilitation at the Center for Human Performance Optimization, part of Boys Town’s Institute for Human Neuroscience. He is a physical therapist by training with years of experience working with individuals who have intellectual and developmental disabilities across the lifespan. He pairs his clinical care expertise with equal experience in developing research and therapeutic interventions to support children with cerebral palsy and other physical disabilities. He uses a unique approach in applying the latest mobility research directly to clinical care so that every child and adolescent can have a breakthrough in optimizing their performance.


  • Nebraska Wesleyan University, B.S., 2002
    Athletic Training
  • University of Nebraska Medical Center, DPT, 2007
    Doctorate, Physical Therapy


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  • Hoffman RM, Corr B, Stuberg WA, Arpin DJ, & Kurz MJ. (2017). Changes in lower extremity strength may be related to the walking speed improvements in children with cerebral palsy after gait training. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 73, 14-20. PMID: 29245044
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