​​​​Our goal is to help every individual reach his or her full potential in mobility. The equipment we use in the Center for Human Performance Optimization can be tailored to the unique needs of every patient. Below is information about the equipment you may use during therapy or research sessions.   

ZeroG Gait and Balance system by ARETECH

You will take notice this 60-foot track with overhead robotic dynamic body weight support system that spans the length of the center. Features of this system include:

  • Dynamic Body Weight Support - to provide support for someone unable to move and carry their own body weight which may allow them to stand, walk, climb stairs, and interact without holding on to something or without another person assisting for the very first time.
  • Fall Experience - to prevent​ injury from falls but allows for the complete fall experience as well as training opportunity to either recover or transfer from the ground to a standing position after a fall.
  • Dynamic Balance and Motor Control Training – to optimize motor control and movement, this system simulate as variety of movements required to perform regular daily activities.  The system has built in games that will be displayed on the TV monitor. Because the robot tracks participants' movement, they can manipulate an object on the screen with their body movements by shifting weight and reaching.

Open Area Support System by Enliten

The system allows for 360° free exploration movement within a 200sqft range for participants to feel safe to explore walking under the system while being free from falls to include activities of daily living, obstacle navigation, or supported exercise.


Split Belt Treadmill by Woodway

Custom built with zero entry, this is a one-of-a-kind system has a split belt that can be individually calibrated to support stability and improve gait. This allows therapists to apply safety measures for movement exploration and problem-solving during walking.


FTG Curve Treadmill by Woodway

This manual treadmill focuses on improving and gaining motor skill and muscle power not only in the legs, but also optimizes how the body helps stabilize and propel weight forward while walking.


Total Gym Encompass

Unlike other total gyms, during weight resistant activities, this system includes a feedback syst​em that monitors and displays velocity and power production during lifting to enhance individual motor learning.

Therapeutic Power Training Equipment

Our resistance equipment uses real time feedback on velocity of movement via wearable technology and training applications used by elite athletes around the world and in no other clinical setting.