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Center for Human Performance Optimization


​​The Center for Human Performance Optimization is dedicated to creating an inviting atmosphere to support and improve mobility in children and adolescents with physical disabilities. Our goal is to help young people discover things they never knew they were capable of through skill development and exercise. We do this by bringing together cutting-edge researchers, dedicated physical therapists and the most advanced motion technology and equipment to create a unique hybrid in neuroscience care.  This collaboration allows us to develop new and improved therapeutic interventions so that every individual can have a breakthrough in optimizing their performance.

Like No Other Physical Therapy Clinic

The 2,300 square foot, barrier-free facility, is designed to feel more like a state-of-the-art sport training facility rather than a medical clinic or research center.  The dynamic support systems, split belt and curved treadmills, therapeutic training equipment and open area exploration systems with fall prevention are just a few of the pieces of equipment you will find in the Center to encourage and enhance mobility.


Learn more about our cutting-edge equipment.

Innovative Approach to Therapeutic Outcomes

In the scientific world, research is conducted in academic or corporate settings, often without any interaction with relevant populations or strategies regarding how the research can be translated into treatments that can help people.

Breaking that traditional research style is what makes the Center for Human Performance Optimization unique, not only in Omaha, but nationwide.

The truly innovative approach comes from having the Institute for Human Neuroscience and the Center for Human Performance Optimization next door to each other, working collaboratively to develop prototypes of therapeutic design and rapidly testing the new technology and techniques in patient care – ultimately driving change in medicine.


Boys Town Center for Human Performance Optimization
14098 Mother Teresa Lane
Boys Town, NE 68010
Phone: (531) 355-8910​ ​