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Faculty and Staff

​​ E.AmbrosePh.D.Coordinator of Clinical Measurements Program StaffWord Learning Memory and Language, DPTPhysical Therapist–Board Certified Neurologic Clinical SpecialistCenter for Human Performance Optimization Perceptual Encoding Prostheses and Perception, DPTAssociate Director, Physical RehabilitationCenter for Human Performance Optimization Expression of Inpatient Psychiatric Acute Care E.DoucetPh.D.DirectorBrain Architecture, Imaging and Cognition HurleyPh.D.Research Scientist II RohanFernandoPh.D.DirectorMolecular Diagnostic R.GordonPh.D.DirectorLanguage Learning and Memory Scientist Scientist Emeritus and Sensory Imaging Scientist and Balance J.KurzPh.D.DirectorPoWER Speech Processing SparksLancasterPh.D.DirectorEtiologies of Language and Literacy, Center for Hearing ResearchHuman Auditory Development Research Associate Genetics President of ResearchAudibility, Perception and Cognition Scientist and Director, Center for Childhood Deafness, Language and LearningWord Learning, Ph.D.DirectorTranslational Auditory Physiology and Perception PatMoellerPh.D.Senior Scientist Emeritus Engineering Scientist Hearing Affective Neurodevelopment in Youth ChristopherSteckerPh.D.DirectorSpatial Hearing K.TaylorPh.D.DirectorNeurodiversity Director, Child and Family Translational Research Center of Research Participants Services CoreResearch Participant Services Core W.WilsonPh.D.DirectorPatrick E. Brookhouser Endowed Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience;Director of the Institute for Human NeuroscienceDICoN