Pre-Doctoral Training

​​​Boys Town National Research Hospital works closely with local universities to provide predoctoral training opportunities as part of our research program. Graduate students work in our laboratories, often with support from individual research grants, while enrolled in graduate programs at the University of Nebraska or Creighton University. Many of our staff scientists have adjunct appointments in those programs, often teaching courses, and can supervise students working on dissertations. Students benefit from the multi-faceted research and clinical environment provided by the Hospital while receiving rigorous training in their individual academic disciplines.

Auditory Neurobiology and Molecular Genetics

Students interested in auditory neurobiology or molecular genetics can work in our laboratories while enrolled as PhD students in the Department of Biomedical Sciences at Creighton University, where they will benefit from active auditory research programs at Creighton as well as at the Hospital.

Audiology and/or Hearing Science

Students interested in earning a PhD in audiology and/or hearing science can work in our laboratories while enrolled as PhD students in the Department of Special Education and Communication Disorders at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. Hospital Staff Scientists now teach several courses in the AuD/PhD training program. As part of the training program, the University of Nebraska and the Hospital jointly support stipends for Graduate Research Assistants working year-round in Hospital laboratories. The Hospital also provides short-term training for AuD students from other universities.

Students interested in predoctoral training in any area within the hospital research program should contact the laboratory director​ in that area. Application for admission to graduate programs should be made through normal university channels.​