Auditory Perceptual Encoding Laboratory


​Our lab studies the factors that limit speech recognition in listeners with cochlear implants.  We are interested in the whole auditory system, ranging from how electrical pulses are encoded by the auditory nerve to how the brain recognizes speech sounds.

Our studies include:

  • Testing what kinds of differences between sounds listeners can detect
  • How well individuals can remember sequences of auditory and visual cues
  • What parts of speech sounds listeners rely on to recognize sentences

​We collaborate closely with the Auditory Prostheses and Perception Laboratory and depend on the Center for Perception and Communication in Children for support in conducting our experiments. Ultimately, our goal is to identify the critical limits that prevent some people from having good speech and communication with cochlear implants, so that we can design solutions to overcome these limits.

If you are interested in participating in our studies, please sign up here to join our list of research volunteers or contact Dr. Adam Bosen​ at

You can obtain a copy of our research software here.​