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Vestibular and Balance Laboratory



The goal of the Vestibular and Balance Laboratory is to understand the developmental impact of vestibular loss in children. There is growing evidence for a link between vestibular loss, motor function impairment, and cognitive functions such as visuo-spatial processing in adults, but little is known about these links in children, or the role of developmental factors in shaping the consequences of vestibular loss. Many children with hearing loss also have vestibular loss. However, little or no attention is currently being directed toward the assessment and habilitation of vestibular disorders in children despite the potential long-term consequences related to vestibular loss.

Research in our lab has focused on:

  • The prevalence of vestibular loss in children with cochlear implants, who are at an increased risk for vestibular loss. 
  • The relationship between vestibular loss and functional consequences, such as gross motor development and visual acuity.
  • Safe, and effective methods of vestibular testing.
  • The ability of hearing loss severity and motor function outcomes to predict the presence of vestibular loss.