Our Research Team


​Principal Investigator

Kaylah Lalonde , Ph.D. is director of the Audiovisual Speech Processing Lab. Dr. Lalonde completed her Ph.D. in Speech and Hearing Sciences at Indiana University. She completed three years of postdoctoral training on the Auditory Neuroscience Training Grant and in Dr. Lynne Werner's Infant Hearing Lab at the U​niversity of Washington. Her postdoctoral research on “The interaction of auditory and visual detection, discrimination, and recognition ​in infants' real-world environments" was partly funded by an NIH-NIDCD individual postdoctoral fellowship.

At Boys Town National Research Hospital, Dr. Lalonde directs a project entitled “Development of Audiovisual Speech Enhancement in Children" that is funded through a Centers for Biomedical Research Excellence Grant from the NIH. She is also principal investigator on an NIH-NIGMS funded pilot grant through the Greater Plains IDeA Clinical and Translation Research network, entitled “Effects of hearing aid compression on temporal cues in audiovisual speech."

Dr. Lalonde's research focuses on the development of speech perception from infancy to adulthood. Her work examines the contribution of auditory, visual, cognitive, linguistic, stimulus and task-related factors to performance on speech perception tasks—and thus to development in general. Her long-term goal is to form a unified account of the development of AV speech perception in noise. To do so, her work focuses on bridging infant and child speech perception literatures and characterizing the development of the mechanisms underlying audiovisual speech enhancement.

Research Assistant

Jamie Petersen graduated from the University of Nebraska-Omaha in December 2018, with a bachelor's degree in communication disorders. She is currently applying for graduate programs, to pursue a clinical doctorate of Audiology. Jamie has worked with several other researchers at Boys Town National Research Hospital.