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Hearing and Speech Perception Research


Audiologist tools on a medical chart

​​​Our Hearing and Speech Perception labs support basic research efforts aimed at understanding hearing, promote translational clinical hearing research, and train early-stage hearing scientists in areas related to hearing, audiology, auditory development, and speech perception. Our researchers often work closely with audiologists and clinical colleagues to directly contribute to patient care.

Some of the questions we’re interested in​ are:

  • How do our ears encode sound?
  • How do our brains decipher speech in the presence of competing background noise?
  • How do people who are hearing impaired understand speech and develop language skills?
  • How can we improve hearing and communication outcomes for people with cochlear implants and/or hearing aids?
  • How do visual and auditory systems work together to help us understand speech?



Audibility, Perception and Cognition Laboratory McCreery, Ph.D.Audibility, Perception and Cognition LaboratoryResearchLab
Audiovisual Speech Processing Laboratory Lalonde, Ph.D.Audiovisual Speech Processing LaboratoryResearchLab
Auditory Perceptual Encoding Laboratory Bosen, Ph.D.Auditory Perceptual Encoding LaboratoryResearchLab
Auditory Prostheses and Perception Laboratory Chatterjee, Ph.D.Auditory Prostheses and Perception LaboratoryResearchLab
Auditory Signal Processing Laboratory M. Rasetshwane, Ph.D.Auditory Signal Processing LaboratoryResearchLab
Center for Perception and Communication in Children (COBRE Grant) E. Ambrose, Ph.D.;Karina Blair, Ph.D.Center for Perception and Communication in Children (COBRE Grant)ResearchArea
Communication Engineering Laboratory Neely, D.Sc.Communication Engineering LaboratoryResearchLab
Human Auditory Development Laboratory Leibold, Ph.D.Human Auditory Development LaboratoryResearchLab
Physical Acoustics Laboratory Keefe, Ph.D.Physical Acoustics LaboratoryResearchLab
Psychoacoustics Laboratory Jesteadt, Ph.D.Psychoacoustics LaboratoryResearchLab
Spatial Hearing Laboratory Hearing LaboratoryResearchPage
Translational Auditory Physiology and Perception Laboratory Merchant, Au.D., Ph.D.Translational Auditory Physiology and Perception LaboratoryResearchLab
Working Memory and Language Laboratory AuBuchon, Ph.D.Working Memory and Language LaboratoryResearchLab


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