Ryan McCreery, Ph.D.

Ryan McCreery, Ph.D.


Ryan McCreery is Director of Research at Boys Town National Research Hospital where he is also Director of the Audibility, Perception and Cognition Laboratory and Director of the Center for Audiology. Dr. McCreery completed his Ph.D. in 2011 at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, where he researched bottom-up and top-down processing of auditory information in children. His lab’s current research is focused on various aspects of hearing, hearing amplification, language processing and language development. Dr. McCreery’s research has contributed to our understanding of the importance of cumulative auditory experience on language and sensory development. Findings from Dr. McCreery’s research are directly related to clinical outcomes and have ​led to optimized clinical protocols for fitting hearing aids in kids with hearing loss.

Dr. McCreery has authored 56 peer reviewed publications and has numerous research collaborations. He is a regular speaker at scientific and clinical meetings and is an active member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).

Because of his significant scientific and professional contributions, Dr. McCreery was recognized in 2020 with a prestigious ASHA Fellowship.

Recent Publications

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