Technology Core Services


​​​​The Technology Core, directed by​  Daniel Rasetshwane, Ph.D.​, offers investigators ​a wide range of software and hardware engineering expertise.

Core services include custom software development for running experiments, expertise in signal processing and calibration for precise auditory and visual control, hardware design, and tools for data management and analysis. Our engineers have a deep understanding of communications and perceptual research along with expertise designing and developing software using Matlab, E-Prime, C++, Max, and Python among other languages.


A Sample of Our Research Technologies

  • Custom software developed using Matlab’s App Designer and several utility functions and files to create a flexible, easily-manipulated GUI to sit on top of Interacoustics’ low-level, out-of-the-box research software for the hand-held Titan clinical tympanometer.

  • Platform developed using C++ to leverage AVFoundation and Core Audio on macOS to build a coordinate response test including audiovisual stimuli in noise with adaptive levels. The solution addressed previous difficulties introduced by asynchronies due to differences in refresh rate between auditory and video signals.​

  • iOS app developed using Swift to play various .wav audio files on several screens each of which show a different selection of photos. Parent selects a response on each screen and on completion the response data is uploaded to BTNRH’s REDCap server for researchers’ analysis.​

  • A GUI developed in C++ was built to give researchers immediate feedback on the force and timing of reflex hammer strikes, the level of background EMG, and calculated averages.​

  • This project continued ongoing development of open-source software by integrating existing C++ libraries available online (openMHA) with a library of functions used to implement simulations of compression hearing-aid signal processing developed in C. This software is used to help researchers evaluate signal processing algorithms for listeners using hearing aids.​

Meet Our Technology Core Staff

Funding for the Technology Core comes from a Centers of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) grant from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) under award number P20GM109023.