Our Research Team


​​​Ellen Peng, Ph.D., Principal Investigator

​Dr. Peng is the Director of the Functional Hearing Lab in the Center for Hearing Research at Boys Town National Research Hospital. Dr. Peng has multidisciplinary training in engineering and hearing science from her PhD and postdoctoral studies. She uses virtual reality (VR) technologies to understand how children listen in complex indoor environments, with a keen interest in developing solutions to enhance hearing devices fitting outcomes for children with hearing loss.​

Abbie Mollison

​Abbie Mollison is a Research Assistant and lab manager. Abbie recently graduated from Creighton University with her Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and French. She assists with project development, data collection, data analysis, and general lab upkeep. She plans to apply to PhD programs focusing on hearing sciences, neuroprosthetics, bioinformatics, or neuroimaging to start in Fall 2024. ​

Gabriel Weeldreyer

Gabriel is a Research Assistant. He earned his bachelor’s degree in general engineering from Muskingum University, studying a variety of engineering disciplines. He is currently a graduate student at the University of Nebraska’s Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction, studying acoustics. He assists with project implementation, data collection, and data processing on projects in spatial hearing. He intends to earn his Master’s degree in Architectural Acoustics and begin a career in acoustical consulting.

Megan Rothberg

Megan Rothberg is a Research Assistant. Megan is a current undergraduate at Creighton University and is majoring in Psychology. She has plans to apply to graduate school for Clinical Psychology to start in Fall 2024.​

Kenzie Reagan

​Kenzie Reagan is a Research Assistant. Kenzie is a current undergraduate student at Creighton University studying Biology. She plans to pursue Medical School after graduation to become a pediatric physician. ​

Darby Durbin

​Darby Durbin is a Research Assistant. Darby is a current undergraduate student at Creighton University studying Neuroscience with a minor in Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience. Upon graduation, she plans to apply to PhD programs for Cognitive Neuroscience. ​