Pediatric General and Thoracic Surgery

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Sometimes children are born with medical conditions that need surgical care. Other times, it’s an illness or injury that requires a planned or immediate surgical treatment. At Boys Town National Research Hospital, children get the care and treatment they need, when they need it, from the state’s largest, most experienced team of board-certified pediatric surgeons, trained pediatric nurses and medical staff who focus on the unique needs of infants, children and adolescents.

Pediatric Surgeries

Our pediatric general and thoracic surgeons specialize in the diagnosis, treatment and management of conditions in the esophagus, stomach, intestine, appendix, colon, bile ducts, liver, pancreas, spleen, lungs, mediastinum and other common procedures. Our team provides surgeries and procedures related to:

Your Child's Surgical Stay

Pediatric general surgery includes a variety of common to complex treatme​nts ranging from minimally invasive outpatient procedures to surgeries that require an inpatient stay. Whether your child has a temporary or extended stay at Boys Town Hospital, you will find comfort in a private family-friendly room with access to portable gaming stations and a playroom. Family and friends may visit before and after your child's surgery, as well as wait in the comfort and privacy of your child's room during surgery.

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  • What is a Pediatric Surgeon? - Boys Town National Research Hospital

    ​A pediatric surgeon is not a pediatrician who's a surgeon. It's someone who's trained as a general surgeon who has a passion for taking care of children, and to become a pediatric surgeon, you have to go on beyond the general surgery training and do additional training.
    You're about 35 or 36 when you finish your all your training and so you've really prepared so much that you can do these really complicated cases and you're well prepared to have them go very well.
    That extra two years is huge because pediatric disorders aren't the same as adult disorders. We have all the skills we need as a surgeon when we graduate as a general surgeon, but there are physiology changes in kids as compared to adults. There are technical differences in surgeries and there are a lot of different surgeries in pediatrics than you would see in adults.
    We operate in all different parts of the body. We specialize in thoracic procedures. We do lobectomies. We specialize in the abdomen. We do cancer operations. We do a lot of different things that are already sub-specialized in the adult world.
    I take care of the tiniest of babies down to one pound to teenagers, young adults that may weigh 300 pounds and I can do those operations back to back.
    We have gosh, amongst the five of us we have more than 70 years of experience taking care of children.
    We have an interesting practice model that I think is probably unique throughout the country. We literally round as a group every single day, five days a week and the reason that that's so important is that some of the things we deal with are very complicated and to have five well-trained dedicated caring pediatric surgeons together to give you an opinion is really important.
    It's nice being a part of the team that I’m a part of, because we have established roots since the 1960s in Nebraska.
    For me, serving the Omaha community is just what I want to do. Those are my neighbors kids, those are my daughter's friends and I always wanted to do the best I could, train the best I could and come back to a hospital and a place in a community that my parents would have taken me to.
    I love working at Boys Town. The bigger mission about really changing the way we care for kids throughout the country is really important to me. I think it really resonates with who our group is. We want to go the extra mile with each of our patients.
    It's very refreshing to go into meetings and where the underlying theme is what's best for our patients and how can we take care of them better.
    Boys Town has a mission to make the care better for children and their families and that I haven't seen anywhere else. It is really mission driven and we want to make it simple for families, we want to make it obviously all encompassing and all accessible and everyone's treated the same.
    It really allows us to forget about the business side of everything and really just truly take care of the patients.
    They get their answers quickly, they shouldn't wait a long time for test results and it's kind of that focus on patient care and high quality care that makes Boys Town a great place to work.


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