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​​​​​​Boys Town Pediatrics is a select group of highly-trained pediatricians committed to the health and well-being of children of all ages. Children do not always pick the most convenient times to need a doctor, but parents can rest assured that Boys Town Pediatrics is never far away.

​Because children and adults have very different needs, Boys Town Pediatrics works alongside physicians in specialty medicine who understand the unique needs of a growing child.

Whether visiting for an everyday illness or injury, a routine checkup or more complicated concerns, your child will receive exceptional care at Boys Town Pediatrics.



Lactation Counseling Counseling
Same Day Pediatrics Day Pediatrics
School and Sports Physicals and Sports Physicals
Well Checks Checks



72nd Street Clinic-Pediatrics72nd-street-clinic Street Clinic-Pediatrics72nd Street Clinic7205 W Center Rd, Ste 1047205 W Center Rd<br>Ste ​104OmahaNE68124(531) 355-7684ServiceLocationCatalogPediatrics72nd Street Clinic
Boys Town National Research Hospital Downtown-Pediatricsboys-town-hospital-downtown Town National Research Hospital Downtown-PediatricsBoys Town National Research Hospital - Downtown555 N 30th St​555 N 30th ​StOmahaNE68131(531) 355-6363ServiceLocationCatalogPediatricsBoys Town National Research Hospital - Downtown
Harrison Street Clinic-Pediatricsharrison-street-clinic Street Clinic-PediatricsHarrison Street Clinic6715 S 180th St​6715 S 180th ​StOmahaNE68135(531) 355-2300ServiceLocationCatalogPediatricsHarrison Street Clinic
Lakeside Clinic-Pediatricslakeside-clinic Clinic-PediatricsLakeside Clinic16929 Frances St, Ste 101​​​16929 Frances​ St<br>Ste 101OmahaNE68130(402) 758-5125ServiceLocationCatalogPediatricsLakeside Clinic
Pacific Street Clinic-Pediatricspacific-street-clinic Street Clinic-PediatricsPacific Street Clinic14080 Boys Town Hospital Rd ​​​​​14080 Boys Town Hospital ​Rd​​​Boys TownNE68010(531) 355-6900 Street Clinic
Alexis L. Sawyer, M.D.alexis-sawyer L. Sawyer, M.D.PhysiciansCatalogAlexis L.SawyerM.D.PediatricsBoys Town National Research Hospital - DowntownEnglish
Amanda L. Petersmith, APRN, PNP-ACamanda-petersmith L. Petersmith, APRN, PNP-ACPhysiciansCatalogAmanda L.PetersmithAPRN, PNP-ACPediatrics72nd Street ClinicEnglish
Annie L. Zimmer, M.D.annie-zimmer L. Zimmer, M.D.PhysiciansCatalogAnnie L.ZimmerM.D.PediatricsPacific Street ClinicEnglish
Charles J. Sprague, M.D.charles-sprague J. Sprague, M.D.PhysiciansCatalogCharles J.SpragueM.D.PediatricsLakeside ClinicEnglish
Chelsie Tellman, M.D.chelsie-tellman Tellman, M.D.PhysiciansCatalogChelsieTellmanM.D.PediatricsPacific Street Clinic;Boys Town National Research Hospital - Downtown;Boys Town National Research Hospital - WestEnglish
Danielle Empson, M.D.danielle-empson Empson, M.D.PhysiciansCatalogDanielleEmpsonM.D.PediatricsPacific Street Clinic;Boys Town National Research Hospital - WestEnglish
Debra K. Whaley, M.D.debra-whaley K. Whaley, M.D.PhysiciansCatalogDebra K.WhaleyM.D.PediatricsHarrison Street Clinic;Lakeside ClinicEnglish
Erica N. Martin, M.D.erica-martin N. Martin, M.D.PhysiciansCatalogErica N.MartinM.D.PediatricsPacific Street ClinicEnglish
Gina DiRenzo-Coffey, M.D.gina-direnzo-coffey DiRenzo-Coffey, M.D.PhysiciansCatalogGinaDiRenzo-CoffeyM.D.PediatricsBoys Town National Research Hospital - West;Pacific Street ClinicEnglish
Gregory T. Penny, M.D.gregory-penny T. Penny, M.D.PhysiciansCatalogGregory T.PennyM.D.Pediatrics72nd Street ClinicEnglish
Heather L. Zimmerman, M.D.heather-zimmerman L. Zimmerman, M.D.PhysiciansCatalogHeather L.ZimmermanM.D.PediatricsPacific Street ClinicEnglish
Heidi M. Johnson, M.D.heidi-johnson M. Johnson, M.D.PhysiciansCatalogHeidi M.JohnsonM.D.PediatricsHarrison Street ClinicEnglish
Jason C. Bruce, M.D.jason-bruce C. Bruce, M.D.PhysiciansCatalogJason C.BruceM.D.PediatricsBoys Town National Research Hospital - DowntownEnglish Spanish
Jonell Tempero, PA-Cjonell-tempero Tempero, PA-CPhysiciansCatalogJonellTemperoPA-CPediatricsPacific Street ClinicEnglish
Judy Essink, APRNjudy-essink Essink, APRNPhysiciansCatalogJudyEssinkAPRNPediatricsPacific Street ClinicEnglish
Katherine E. Penny, D.O.katherine-penny E. Penny, D.O.PhysiciansCatalogKatherine E.PennyD.O.Pediatrics72nd Street ClinicEnglish
Kelli J. Shidler, M.D.kelli-shidler J. Shidler, M.D.PhysiciansCatalogKelli J.ShidlerM.D.PediatricsHarrison Street ClinicEnglish
M. Kelly McCarthy, M.D.m-kelly-mccarthy Kelly McCarthy, M.D.PhysiciansCatalogM. KellyMcCarthyM.D.Pediatrics;Pediatric Weight ManagementBoys Town National Research Hospital - DowntownEnglish Spanish
Mara P. Paradis, M.D.mara-paradis P. Paradis, M.D.PhysiciansCatalogMara P.ParadisM.D.PediatricsHarrison Street Clinic;Lakeside ClinicEnglish
Mark J. Domet, M.D.mark-domet J. Domet, M.D.PhysiciansCatalogMark J.DometM.D.PediatricsPacific Street ClinicEnglish
Megann Sauer, M.D.megann-sauer Sauer, M.D.PhysiciansCatalogMegannSauerM.D.PediatricsBoys Town National Research Hospital - DowntownEnglish
Melinda L. Winterscheid, M.D.melinda-winterscheid L. Winterscheid, M.D.PhysiciansCatalogMelinda L.WinterscheidM.D.Pediatrics72nd Street ClinicEnglish
Micah J. Ryan, M.D.micah-ryan J. Ryan, M.D.PhysiciansCatalogMicah J.RyanM.D.PediatricsPacific Street ClinicEnglish
Michael G. Dawson, M.D.michael-dawson G. Dawson, M.D.PhysiciansCatalogMichael G.DawsonM.D.PediatricsBoys Town National Research Hospital - West;Pacific Street ClinicEnglish
Monica Kelly, M.D.monica-kelly Kelly, M.D.PhysiciansCatalogMonicaKellyM.D.PediatricsPacific Street ClinicEnglish
Nancy L. VanderSluis, M.D.nancy-vandersluis L. VanderSluis, M.D.PhysiciansCatalogNancy L.VanderSluisM.D.PediatricsPacific Street ClinicEnglish
Nathan G. Asher, M.D.nathan-asher G. Asher, M.D.PhysiciansCatalogNathan G.AsherM.D.Pediatrics72nd Street ClinicEnglish
Vicki A. Herrman, M.D.vicki-herrman A. Herrman, M.D.PhysiciansCatalogVicki A.HerrmanM.D.Pediatrics72nd Street ClinicEnglish

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