Pediatric Neuroscience

​​​​​​​​​​Boys Town Pediatric Neuroscie​nce is a place of hope. A place where national expertise comes together to provide life-changing care to children with neurological conditions, and their families. Our pediatric neuroscience program is uniqu​ely positioned to offer highly specialized patient-centered clinics to care for the whole child fro​m medical diagnosis and treatment to wrap-around services that address physiological, social, emotional and co-occurring conditions.

Our Approach to Life-Changing Care

Our pediatric neuroscience team is the largest in Nebraska and surrounding region bringing expertise across a spectrum of common to complex neurological disorders. We believe a comprehensive patient-centered approach to care provides the best outcomes for children.

We understand the anxiety and uncertainty that come when a loved one is diagnosed with any neurological disorder. There are various causes, complications and outcomes associated with these challenging conditions. That’s why our patient-centered and family-centered care focuses on the unique needs of each individual, so all treatment options can be explored, optimal care can be delivered and the best outcomes can be achieved.

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Comprehensive Treatment​ for Neurological Conditions

Children with neurological conditions often require comprehensive care and services as they grow. If your child has a disease of the brain, spinal cord, muscles or nerves, our pediatric neuroscience team of physicians and specialists offers comforting, wholistic care you can trust. From diagnosis and treatment to wrap-around services that address physiological, social, emotional and co-occurring conditions, Boys Town National Research Hospital has the experience and expertise to ensure your child receives optimal care.

  • The pediatric epilepsy monitoring unit is a specially designed inpatient unit that focuses on more advanced diagnostic evaluation with EEG. Hospital stays are typically three to five days when seizures are observed in patients to determine specific diagnoses.

  • A team of board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrists work alongside our pediatric neurologists in managing and treating neurodevelopmental problems and spectrum disorders. Our child and adolescent psychologists provide ongoing individual and family support.

  • We offer the most advanced MRI imaging technology available with a spacious and adjustable exam environments comfortable for children. Our CT scanner tailors radiation dosage based on a child’s weight and age.

  • We have a team of genetic counselors on-site to work with patients and their families that are dealing with various genetic disorders. The ability of genetic testing to identify a specific diagnosis is expanding, allowing specialists to answer questions such as who else in the family may develop neurological problems.

  • Our certified dietitians are trained in specific dieting therapies for chronic health condit​ions, such as the ketogenetic diet in severe epilepsy patients. We work with patients and families to create tailored plans based on a patient’s specific health needs and follow up to ensure patients are following and benefiting from their nutrition plans.

  • Boys Town National Research Hospital is recognized world-wide as a center of excellence for research and clinical care related to the diagnosis of hearing and balance disorders. Our board-certified otolaryngologists and nationally-certified audiologists and speech-language pathologists provide expert care for children with hearing, balance and related communication disorders.

  • Our pediatric ophthalmologists specialize in the medical care, diagnosis and treatment of vision disorders and diseases that are unique to childr​en.

  • We offer assessment and diagnosis of delays in speech-language development and clinical therapy, b​y certified speech-language patholo​gists.

Life-Changing Care in Action: Pediatric Epilepsy is Not Stopping This Teen

Kendall’s parents have two main goals as they move forward: for Kendall to feel empowered and able to care for herself, and for Kendall’s epilepsy to be manageable withou​t medication. With specialized epilepsy physicians on their side, they are confident that they can reach these goals. Read Kendall's story with pediatric epilepsy.


Traveling from Out of State?

Boys Town Pediatric Neuroscience is the largest pediatric neurology program in the region – offering care to families traveling from North Dakota, South ​Dakota, Iowa, Kansas and beyond. If you’re visiting from out of state, our clinic team is happy to help you with any questions you may have prior to your appointment.

Boys Town Pediatric Neuroscience has two clinic locations in Omaha, both conveniently located with easy interstate access and proximity to accommodations, dining and more.


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