School and Sports Physicals

​​The health and safety of our patients and their families are our top priority. Please review our COVID-19 information for patients and families for the latest information on visitors, screenings, clinic consolidations and other ways we are working to help keep our patient famili​es protected.

​​​​The Nebraska State Law requires school physical exams before entering kindergarten and seventh grade. These exams must be conducted no more than 6 months before school starts in the fall, which means parents can beat the rush by setting up school physical appointments in the spring for the following school year.

  • Kindergarten and seventh grade physicals may be scheduled after March 1st.
  • Annual sports physicals may be scheduled after May 1st.

Boys Town Pediatrics recommends that ​your child receive annual health maintenance checkups, even though it is not required by your school. A good way to remember your child's checkup is to schedule this around your child's birthday. These checkups are a great time to talk with your pediatrician about any questions or concerns regarding ​your child's health, development or growth.

What to Expect at Back to School Physicals

Kindergarten & Seventh Grade Physicals

  • Review immunization record
  • Check height, weight and body mass index
  • Perform a full developmental assessment
  • Screen your child's vision and hearing
  • Perform a thorough physical exam
  • Discuss safety issues
  • Provide anticipatory guidance regarding nutrition, sleep and behavior

In addition to the above, seventh grade physicals include a one-on-one consultation with a physician about hygiene, relationships, social and school activities, and any questions the child may have about his/her physical or mental health.

Hemoglobin levels and urine tests are no longer routine checks in either of the standard physicals and will o​nly be collected if indicated.

What to Expect at Sports Physicals

If your child is planning on participating in a school or organized sporting activity, he or she will need an annual sports physical. Check with your child's school or organization as these physicals may be required before tryouts.

  • Check his height and weight
  • Perform a full developmental assessment
  • Perform a thorough physical exam
  • Discuss safety issues
  • Provide anticipatory guidance regarding nutrition, sleep and behavior

You will receive a form from your child's school that you should bring to the appointment. Your pediatrician will fill out the needed information regarding the physic​al exam and any health concerns regarding your child as well as attach your child's immunization record.

Appointments for school and sports physicals have a tendency to fill up fast so give your pediatrician a call well in advance and please allow a full hour for the examination.



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