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EIPA Written Test: Frequently Asked Questions

How is the test administered?

The test is administered by EIPA approved proctors at approved sites. It is an online test.

Are there any prerequisites or requirements to take the EIPA written test?

EIPA is an assessment agency, not a certifying or licensure agency. There are no prerequisites to register for the EIPA Written Test. We do not require interpreters to take the written test before they take the performance test. There is no required test-taking sequence, nor does an interpreter have to take both tests.  A degree is not required to take the test.

How much does the EIPA written test cost?

The EIPA Written Test fee is $250.00. The test fee is required at the time of registration. Proctors are allowed to charge test takers a proctor fee. Interpreters should contact the proctor prior to registering if they would like to inquire about possible proctor fees. Proctor fees will be collected at the test site and paid directly to the proctor.

How do I register?

To register for an EIPA test, go to EIPA's online test reservation catalog at Locate. Select the state and test type (performance or written) of your choice. For detailed information about registration opening dates, registration deadlines, and cancelation instructions, select the state link of your choice. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see state testing locations, dates and times.

What score is needed to pass?


How is the test formatted and what can I expect?

The EIPA Written Test is an online multiple-choice test. There is a 4-hour limit. After 4 hours, your test will automatically be submitted. There are 176 questions. The written test is a pass/fail exam. After completing the test, the test taker selects a “Submit" button. The test is scored immediately, and a screen appears indicating a passing or failing score.

When can I expect my certificate and a copy of my results?

Printed results are not provided at the test site. The EIPA Diagnostic Center provides coaching reports to all test takers and certificates to individuals who passed the test. Test takers can expect to receive their results the first or second week following the test month.

What shall I bring to the test site?

Test takers must bring a government issued picture ID to the test. No books, cell phones, smart watches, electronic devices or resources of any kind are allowed in the testing area.

What are the subject areas or domains covered on the EIPA written test?

  • Child Language Development
  • Culture
  • Education
  • English
  • Interpreting
  • Linguistics
  • Literacy and Tutoring
  • Professionalism
  • Technology

Am I required to pass the EIPA written test to work as an educational interpreter in my state?

Each state determines their own regulations and rules concerning educational interpreter's qualifications. Some states require both the EIPA written and the EIPA performance test for all educational interpreters; some require only one or the other. The written exam is a pass/fail exam, whereas the performance test is actually scored. States establish their own standard for what score is required on the performance. Interpreters should contact their state's representative with questions regarding rules for their specific  state. Please check with your state BEFORE registering for the test. If you register for the test, and later discover your state does not require the written test, the cancellation policy will be enforced.

I registered for the test but I now need to cancel. How do I cancel the test?

Cancellations must be made a minimum of 5 full days before the scheduled date and time of test reservation. A $40.00 processing fee will be charged for all canceled registrations. Cancellations must be made online by logging into your Boys Town Learning Center account. Emails and phone calls to the test administrator or the EIPA Diagnostic Center are not accepted as a cancellation. Cancelling after the 5-day deadline or failing to appear for an exam will result in the forfeiture of the exam fee. Step by step instructions are located below.

EIPA Test Cancellations Instructions

  1. Log into your Boys Town Learning Center account at
  2. Select View your Transcript from the Learning tab's drop-down menu.
  3. Locate your test on your transcript. Select the arrow next to View Training Details and then select Withdraw.
  4. Select the arrow next to the Reason field. Select a reason for your withdrawal from the drop-down list.
  5. Add a comment if desired. (Adding a comment is not a required field.)
  6. Select Submit.

I have lost my certificate. How can I order a replacement?

There is a $20.00 charge for replacement copies of your EIPA-WT certificate. You will need to fill out a Release of Information Form before we can send you the certificate. To request a Release of Information Form and pay the replacement fee, email

How can I become an EIPA test administrator for my state?

The number of proctors varies from state to state. Requirements for EIPA written test proctors include:

  • Possess an interest in ensuring qualified interpreters
  • Maintain confidentiality of the EIPA test and records
  • Obtain access to a quiet distraction-free test location
  • Make a commitment to proctor tests for at least one year
  • Make a commitment to proctor for the EIPA Written for at least one year and host a minimum of 2 tests during that year.
  • Have access to an appropriate test site with PCs that are equipped with Internet Explorer 7 or higher. A secure player must be downloaded on each testing computer.
  • Allow firewalls  to be set to allow traffic in and out of the test site.

Click here for more information and to download an EIPA test administrator application.