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EIPA Test Options and Registration

EIPA offers two comprehensive tests to assess the skills and knowledge of educational interpreters. EIPA also has  developed a screening tool for school systems to obtain general feedback about an interpreter's skill during the hiring process.

  • EIPA Written Test
  • EIPA Performance Test
  • EIPA Pre-Hire Screening

EIPA Written Test

The EIPA written test is an online multiple-choice test administered by EIPA approved proctors at approved sites. The test fee is $250.00. Additional fees may be required by the test proctors.

The written exam is a Pass/Fail test that consists of 176 questions. A 75% score is required to pass the test. Test scores are available upon completion of the exam.

Written Test FAQ

Click below for a list of test dates, locations and registration.

EIPA Performance Test

The EIPA Performance test evaluates the ability to expressively interpret classroom content and discourse and the ability to receptively interpret student sign language. It is not limited to any one sign language or system. EIPA is used to evaluate interpreters who work with students who use predominately American Sign Language (ASL), Manually-Coded English (MCE) and Pidgin Sign English (PSE). The test fee is $350.00. An additional $75.00 fee may be charged by an approved Local Test Administrator.

Performance Test FAQ

Find a local test administrator in your location.

EIPA Pre-Hire Assessment

The Pre-Hire Screening is a tool which can be used to help administrators make decisions regarding the hiring of school-based sign language interpreters. This screening is not intended to be an  in-depth assessment, and it will not meet state requirements for a full EIPA assessment.

The screening provides general feedback about the interpreter's skills within 72 hours and is not intended to replace a full EIPA Performance Assessment. Pre-hire screenings are provided for schools that need an immediate answer to whether an applicant is qualified to interpret in a classroom. School districts can order pre-hire screening by sending a request to or by calling Deborah Tamer at (531) 355-5039.

The EIPA Pre-hire test is not available to interpreters directly.  This test must be ordered, shipped, administered and paid for by the hiring agency.  We do not accept payment from the interpreter. The cost is $125.00 per candidate.