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Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA)

​Established in 1999, the Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA) Diagnostic Center is the only program of its kind in the world. The program focuses on supporting the unique skills required for sign interpretation in the educational setting.

Skilled Deaf and hearing raters use the EIPA to provide diagnostic services for individual interpreters, states, educational settings and school districts. The EIPA Center’s purpose is to:

  • Evaluate the skills and knowledge of interpreters working in K-12 educational settings
  • Provide information to local, state and federal agencies regarding interpreting practices
  • Provide training to interpreters to assist them in skill and knowledge enhancement
  • Provide screenings to assist administrators in making interpreter hiring decisions

EIPA Diagnostic Center Contact Information

Phone Number: (531) 355-5039 or (531) 355-5677

EIPA Diagnostic Center
Boys Town National Research Hospital
555 N 30 St.
Omaha, NE 68131

EIPA Test Registration Catalog

To register for a test, or to see test site locations and dates, go to the EIPA Test Registration Catalog. User accounts are created after registering for a test. Interpreters who have previously registered online should go directly to the account login page to log into their account. First time registrants must go to the EIPA Test Registration Catalog to register for a test.