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Achieving Academic Success

RTC Classroom

Education is an integral part of our program. Many children and adolescents have had ​difficulty in ​school ​and need help and nurturing to bring their academic achievement up to ​grade level.

Our school program is licensed by the state of Nebraska and provides year-around classes. Each ​student is assigned to a classroom ​that accounts for age and academic/developmental level.

School Program Features:

Boy Studying
  • Masters level Educational Therapists with specialized training in behavioral mental health problems, working with the individual’s home school district to ensure continuity in the educational plan following discharge, and when possible, providing credit recovery opportunities
  • Speech and reading therapist and school psychologists when indicated
  • Accredited school program and compliance with IEPs
  • Individual instruction accommodating differences in learning styles and abilities
  • Direct care staff working alongside teachers and paraprofessionals in the classroom to ensure consistency in treatment