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EEG 101: Your Questions Answered


Has your doctor requested an EEG but you aren’t sure what that is? Have an EEG scheduled and want a little more information on what to expect? The following videos answer your basic EEG questions.

What is an EEG? An electroencephalogram (EEG) is a test that measures electrical impulses.

Why would I need an EEG? A doctor will request an EEG for their patient to diagnose or look for problems such as confusion, abnormal movements and seizures.

What does an EEG recording look like? An EEG will look like a series of wavy lines.


What are the types of EEG monitoring? Inpatient and outpatient monitoring are available. Inpatient will require the patient to stay at the lab for a day or more. Outpatient will last for only a few hours.

What do the electrodes feel like? The electrodes are placed on the head and feel like little stickers.


Who invented the EEG? The first EEG was recorded in 1924 by Hans Berger.


For more information on EEGs and the Boys Town EEG Lab, visit EEG Lab Services - Boys Town Hospital.

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