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Use our Knowledge Center to find answers and resources about general health and wellness topics, diseases, conditions and procedures.



Epilepsy in Children in ChildrenPediatric NeurologyHealth;Health and Safety
Know your Numbers: Blood Sugar your Numbers: Blood SugarInternal MedicineHealth
Acid Reflux and Swallowing Disorders Reflux and Swallowing DisordersEar, Nose and ThroatHealth
Know Your Numbers: Blood Pressure Your Numbers: Blood PressureInternal MedicineHealth
How does Sedentary Behavior Impact Adult Health? does Sedentary Behavior Impact Adult Health?Internal MedicineHealth;Sports and Fitness
Oral Health for Children Health for ChildrenPediatricsOral Health;Health
Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Bottle Tooth DecayPediatricsOral Health
Winter Fitness FitnessInternal MedicineHealth;Sports and Fitness
Cut Out Sugary Drinks for Children Out Sugary Drinks for ChildrenPediatricsNutrition;Health
Staying Hydrated HydratedInternal MedicineHealth;Sports and Fitness
Know Your Numbers: Cholesterol Your Numbers: CholesterolInternal MedicineHealth
High Blood Pressure in Children Blood Pressure in ChildrenPediatricsHealth
Brushing Your Child's Teeth Your Child's TeethOral Health
Tooth Decay DecayPediatricsOral Health
New Year's Resolution for the Whole Family Year's Resolution for the Whole FamilyInternal MedicineHoliday;Health;Family
Healthy After 40: Women's Maintenance After 40: Women's MaintenanceInternal MedicineHealth;Aging
Avoid Fast Food Fast FoodInternal MedicineNutrition;Health
Yoga for Kids for KidsPediatricsSports and Fitness;Health
Family Exercise ExerciseInternal Medicine;PediatricsSports and Fitness;Health;Family
Healthy After 40: Aging Well After 40: Aging WellInternal MedicineHealth;Aging
Lower Your Cholesterol Your CholesterolInternal MedicineHealth
Healthy After 40: Men's Maintenance After 40: Men's MaintenanceInternal MedicineHealth;Aging
Tourette Syndrome in Children Syndrome in ChildrenPediatric NeurologyHealth and Safety
Healthy After 40: Lifestyle After 40: LifestyleInternal MedicineHealth;Aging
What is JUULing and Why Should You Care? is JUULing and Why Should You Care?PediatricsHealth and Safety;Family and Parenting
Quit Smoking SmokingInternal MedicineHealth;Oral Health
Brush Your Teeth: It May Help Your Heart Your Teeth: It May Help Your HeartOral Health
Endocrine System SystemSurgery and Hospital CareHealth and Safety
Importance of Well-Child Visits of Well-Child VisitsWell Check VisitParenting;Health;Health and Safety
Hyperthyroidism and Hospital CareHealth and Safety

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