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EIPA Test Policies and Procedures

Inclement Weather Policy

If a test administrator cancels a test due to poor weather, the following options are available to the test registrant.

  1. Refund the test fee in full.
  2. Move the registration to another test date. The new test date must fall within the same test quarter. An exception may be made if the current test date occurs during the last 2 weeks of a test quarter, in which case, registration for the new quarter's test slots will be open and available for the transfer.
  3. If there aren't any other tests occurring during the current test quarter, we will allow the LTA/proctor to set a new date for the registrants BUT this is up to the LTA/proctor. LTAs/proctors are not required to set a new date. Refunds will be generated if registrants are not able to find a date that meets their schedule. 

Contact for additional details.

Cancellation Policy for EIPA Test Registrants

Payment is refundable minus a $40.00 processing fee, provided the cancellation is completed 5 days before the scheduled test date. All cancellations must be completed by logging into their account on the Boys Town Learning Center. Although notifying your test administrator is appreciated, it is not considered a cancellation. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED FOR NO-SHOWS OR CANCELLATIONS RECEIVED AFTER THE TEST REGISTRATION HAS CLOSED. REGISTRATION CLOSES FIVE DAYS BEFORE THE TEST DATE/TIME.

Instructions to Cancel an EIPA Test Registration

  1. Log into your account at
  2. After logging in, select to "View My Transcript" from the drop-down menu under the Learning tab.
  3. Locate your test in the transcript area and select the arrow button on the right side of the screen. A drop-down menu will appear. Click on "Withdraw" to cancel your registration. After selecting withdraw, you will be prompted to provide a reason for cancelling your registration.

Transfer Registration Request

Candidates may transfer a registration from one test slot to another, provided the following four qualifications are met:

  1. The new test date/time must occur in the same testing quarter. The test calendar is divided into four test quarters:
    1. Quarter 1: January, February, and March
    2. Quarter 2: April, May, and June
    3. Quarter 3: July, August, and September
    4. Quarter 4: October, November, and December

  2. Registration closes 5 days (to the hour) before the test date and time. At the time of the transfer, registration must still be open for the existing test slot and the new test slot.
  3. Registration in the new test slot is based on availability.
  4. Registrants may register for any test slot if they meet the registration restrictions (e.g., the test site will only accept registrants if they work for a specific school district).

If all four qualifications listed above are met, the transfer is allowed. Please contact the EIPA Diagnostic by calling 531-355-5039 or send an email

Test Administrator Fees

EIPA test administrators have been preapproved by the EIPA Diagnostic Center but are not employed by, nor do they receive, compensation for their services, from Boys Town National Research Hospital or the EIPA Diagnostic Center. Some test administrators charge a proctor fee to administer the EIPA Performance Assessment. Registrants are responsible for the proctor fee.

In the event a test candidate does not follow the test administrator's rules regarding test fees, the test administrator can contact the EIPA Center to notify us that they will not proctor the test. EIPA staff will then withdraw the test candidate.  The test registration cancellation policy will be applied, including cancellation penalties.

Grievance Policy

If you believe an event or condition occurred during the administration of your test that impacted your performance or ability to take the exam, you may submit an EIPA Test Grievance Form for administrative review. Appeals will NOT be considered based on disagreement with the score assigned in your report. An EIPA Test Grievance Form must be received by the EIPA Diagnostic Center within 14 business days from the date of the test. The EIPA Diagnostic Center is committed to being consistent, fair, and impartial during the investigation of grievance claims.

Procedure for Requesting Testing Accommodations

In considering a request from an applicant for special accommodations, the EIPA Diagnostic Center is guided by a sense of fairness. Special accommodations are granted to give an approved candidate the opportunity to be examined in an equivalent manner with other candidates, but not to provide an advantage over other candidates.

Below are the mandatory steps to request test accommodations. Individuals requesting accommodations must receive approval from EIPA Center before registering for a test.

  1. A written request stating the disability and how the disability will impact performance on the test.
  2. A copy of a government issued identification, such as a driver's license or passport.
  3. An explanation of the requested accommodation(s).
  4. Formal documentation of a qualified disability from a qualified/licensed professional or testing professional who has conducted testing or provided treatment for the disability or diagnosis.  The documentation must be sent on official letterhead and include:
    1. A statement of the specific disability or diagnosis
    2. A description of the disability and why accommodations are needed
    3. Tests or protocols used to confirm diagnosis
    4. A description of past accommodations prescribed for the disability
    5. The diagnosing professional's signed  letter, including their title, and contact information