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Winter Coats and Car Seats

  • ​​ Winter Coats and Car Seats - Boys Town Pediatrics & National Safety Council Nebraska

    Tim Tichy, Public Safety Manger


    Why are heavy winter coats not recommended when using a car seat?

    ​​​​Tim Tichy: If you had a big, thick heavy coat on or a snow suit, there is a lot of down in those and the down bunches up and it's going to make you think the harness is much tighter than what it actually is.

    In a crash, that down easily compresses and the child can come flying right out of the seat. What they need to do is have layered fleece clothing and or cover them up with a blanket. You can take receiving blankets, however many layers of receiving blankets you may need, fold them together and you're going to tuck it down beside the child to keep them warm.​

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