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When to Stop using a Booster Car Seat

  • When to Stop Using a Booster Car Seat

     Boys Town Pediatrics & National Safety Council Nebraska

    Tim Tichy, Community Safety Manger


    When is it safe for my child to stop using a booster car seat?

    Tim Tichy: Most parents are taking kids out of booster seats way to early. What to do is if you think they have outgrown the booster seat, it's usually going to happen around 4 foot 9, and anywhere between the ages of 8 and 13.

    So you're going to take the booster seat out and then you're going to go ahead and set your child and check to see if their knees bend comfortably over the ledge, does the lap belt ride across the lap, not up here on the stomach, does the shoulder belt come across the shoulder, no space behind their back as their knees bend over the edge, and they will ride that way the entire trip. If they can do all those things then they can safely ride in the car as an adult does with just a seat belt. If they can't pass any of those then they need to still be in the booster seat.​

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