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What To Do When Your Baby Won't Stop Crying

  • What to Do When Your Baby Won't Stop Crying - Boys Town Pediatrics Quick Tip

    My baby won't stop crying! What should I do?

    Heather Zimmerman, M.D.: If you have tried everything you can think of to calm your baby and they are just still crying and it's making you really nervous and upset, it might actually be that they can sense that you're anxious about it, too.

    It is perfectly fine, even with a young, young baby, to lay them down in a safe place, like their bassinette or their cradle, and leave the room. Shut the door, let them cry for a few minutes, go somewhere where you can't hear them for a few minutes and calm yourself back down. If they're still crying then that's when you should go ahead and call your doctor's office.​​

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