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Toys for Newborns

  • Toys for Newborns

    Around four to six months is when all those baby toys that you've bought, you'll actually use.  Your baby's motor skills aren't really there until about four months but then around four months they start being able to grab.  This is when their body is actually coordinated enough to explore, so the mouth and the hands are just working all the time to check this out, check this out.

    It doesn't mean that your baby is hungry necessarily.  It just means it is trying to figure out what this new object is.  I kind of like to encourage parents to avoid the electronic baby toys and just go for things with a variety of textures and colors, even the toys that crinkle or rattle.  The variety of sounds, your baby will love sounds like that.  The other thing I would say about that is maybe try and keep a rotation of your toys.  So don't feel like, oh they loved that bear that day, and so that is their favorite bear.  Its fine if they love the bear, but they'll go in spurts and so new toys or rotating the toys you have will encourage more motor development because they'll be like oh but look what's that new thing, and they'll be trying to check it out.

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