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Taking the Stress out of Summer Travel with the Kids

​​Planes, trains and automobiles! It's time for the annual summer vacation with the kids. This year, take some of the stress out of the trip by planning ahead and talking to your kids in advance about what to expect. Being organized, prepared for delays and changes in plans, along with anticipating the inevitable comments of “I'm hungry" and “We're bored," can make the trip much more enjoyable for everyone.

Here are some helpful tips for traveling with children:

Traveling by Car:
With Infants:

  • Pack plenty of diapers, baby wipes and spare clothes
  • Bring formula, bottles and snacks
  • Don't forget your child's favorite blanket, and toys to comfort and entertain them
  • Plan for frequent stops to feed, change diapers and stretch

With Children and Adolescents:

  • Pack plenty of snacks including fruit to keep the kids hydrated
  • Encourage your kids to bring a backpack with toys, electronics and other things to do
  • Keep the kids engaged by playing road trip games like “I Spy," and take breaks to get everyone out of the car

Traveling by Air:
With Infants:

  • Arrive at the airport early so that you are not rushed
  • Pack all the essentials, but don't bring more than you can carry
  • Use a travel stroller and lightweight car seat and check them at the gate
  • Take advantage of early family boarding and get a head start on settling in for the flight

With Children and Adolescents

  • Make sure to get your seats together
  • Pack snacks and a change of clothes
  • Bring toys and electronics to keep everyone entertained and don't forget the headphones/ear buds

Managing Your Child's Health on the Trip

  • Pack a first-aid kit with Band-Aids and antiseptic cream and don't forget the sunscreen
  • Bring over-the-counter medications for pain and allergy relief
  • Bring prescription medications in their original bottles
  • To reduce ear pressure, give infants a bottle to suck on and encourage older kids to yawn, swallow or chew gum
  • Give your child acetaminophen or ibuprofen a half hour before takeoff or landing if they are prone to ear pain
  • To reduce tummy trouble, encourage your kids to eat a light meal before flying and snacks like crackers on the flight

 By just following these few simple tips to be prepared, organized and ready to accept the unexpected, you can help to ensure that your summer vacation with the kids is one to remember. 

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