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Staycation Activities

​​​​While many families plan trips and vacations during the summer, others stay at home for a summer staycation. Boys Town Pediatrics recommends local activities for your child and family.

Staycation Activities for Your Family

Share and ask other parents and friends what they do to keep their children busy and add the ideas to your own list. Have your child compile their own list as well and begin discussing a couple of different activities to try for the week. The activity may be something your child will grow to love for a lifetime or just for a week, but either way, it will help your child learn new things and stay active.

  • Creative Backyard Fun. The possibilities are endless right in your backyard! Invent new games, plant a garden, write a script for a short film and explore different gardening and landscape projects together in the comfort of the backyard.
  • Explore and Walk. Walking around the neighborhood or around different parts of the city helps keep your child active, as well as gives you time to bond with your child and explore new places. Take some time to plan walking adventures and work together to choose your next journey.
  • Zoo. The Omaha Doorly Zoo and Aquarium is one of the best zoos worldwide and is a great place to take your family out on a day of fun and learning. There is something exciting for everyone. Navigate through the Desert Dome, explore the Kingdoms of the Night and watch aquarium and jungle creatures roam through their natural habitat.
  • Hobbies. From horseback riding, art classes, volunteering, interning, ice skating, running, basketball or theater, enroll your child in a new hobby and let your child’s creative instincts grow through the summer months!
  • Museums. Museums are great indoor venues when the weather outside is too hot. The Joslyn Art Museum, Durham Museum, Do Space, Kaneko and Children’s Museum are just a few places to spark creative ideas for your child.
  • Sign Up for a Run/Walk Event. Nearly every weekend in the summer you can find family-friendly run/walk events around town. Pick a cause to support, or get doused in color at​ a Color Run. These events are a great way to get the whole family moving and enjoying the outdoors.

There are so many things to do in Omaha that will keep your child active and engaged through the summer. From music venues, parks, picking up a new book or trying new restaurants, the key is to engage and explore your options. With the web always readily available, researching activities is very simple., social media, and other local websites ​provide timely events throughout the summer. An Omaha staycation has never sounded better. Let the possibilities begin!

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