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Is a Hearing Aid in Your Future? Find Out How to Afford One This Year


Are you one of the more than 28 million Americans that could benefit from a hearing aid? If so, this could be the perfect time to look at how you can budget for a hearing aid without breaking the bank.

Many people are surprised to learn they can afford a hearing aid now under their insurance plan, or that they can develop a financial plan to save for one.

There are a lot of options and prices for hearing aids. That's why it's important to have the right information from experts, like the audiologists at Boys Town National Research Hospital®, who can help guide you through the process of getting a hearing aid that's right for you or a loved one.

Hearing aids are life-changing and worth the time and effort of determining the best financing option. The following are questions and answers to some common financial inquiries that Boys Town Hospital helps patients with:

Common Questions about Hearing Aids and Insurance

Question: “Are hearing aids covered by insurance?"

Answer: This depends on your major medical insurance plan, please check with your insurance plan.

Question: “Do I need a referral to buy hearing aids?"

Answer: This depends on your major medical insurance plan. Please check with your insurance plan.

Question: “How do I go about getting hearing aids covered by insurance?"

Answer: At Boys Town Hospital, once you have inquired about the desire to get a hearing aid, the patient financial services team checks your insurance eligibility and benefits for the estimated out-of-pocket costs and authorization requirements specific to the payer. They then pass this information on to audiology.

Question: “Aren't hearing aids expensive? How can I pay for one?"

Answer: You can pay the entire cost with cash, credit/debit card or through CareCredit (a third-party company that allows you to set up monthly payments). Also, you can use your Health Savings Account (HSA) which is a tax-free savings account offered by many employers to help you save for health expenses.

Question: “How much out of pocket would I pay for hearing aids?"

Answer: This depends on two things:

  1. When hearing aids are a covered benefit, the amount would be the out-of-pocket liability remaining on your major medical plan.
  2. The type and model of the hearing aid needed.

Question: “What if our family can't afford a hearing aid, and we don't have insurance or benefit options? Are there organizations that can help cover the costs?"

Answer: Yes. There are state and local organizations you can contact that can provide financial assistance if you qualify. For adults, this includes: Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Sertoma Hearing Aid Bank and Lions Hearing Aid Bank. For children, this includes: United HealthCare Children's Foundation, Medically Handicapped Children's Program (for NE residents), HearU Nebraska (for NE residents) and Iowa's Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program (for IA residents). Your audiologist can assist with this process.

Question: “Besides the hearing aid itself, what other costs will there be?"

Answer: An audiology evaluation is the first step for determining your hearing loss and if a hearing aid is recommended. This is billed separately through your insurance.

Question: “Is there a good time of the year to purchase a hearing aid?"

Answer: Yes, only if you need to meet your deductible so that insurance will pay the whole benefit amount. This also depends on how much the hearing aid costs, which varies based on the model that Boys Town Audiology determines is the best fit.

Hearing Aid Warranties and Maintenance

Question: “Does the price include long-term costs like maintenance and cleaning?"

Answer: The price covers adjustments, repairs and check-ups. It also covers for a one-time loss/replacement.

Question: “I'd hate to spend a lot of money on a hearing aid and then have it stop working. Is there a warranty on a hearing aid?"

Answer: Yes, most hearing aids at BTNRH have a four-year repair warranty. You also have 50 days from your hearing aid fitting to return it for a refund. Returns may be subject to return fees.

Question: “I'm worried that I will spend money on a hearing aid and then won't be able to adjust to it. What happens then?"

Answer: When you purchase a hearing aid at Boys Town Hospital, our audiologists are here to help adjust your hearing aid and make sure you are getting the full benefit from the technology. They will even show you how to connect your hearing aid to mobile apps that will help you adjust your hearing aid across multiple environments.

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