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Back To School Bedtime Routine

  • Back to School Bedtime Routine

    ​Getting back to school is always hard for the kids. Most of them are coming off a phenomenal summer, there has been very loose limits, and you have to get back into school and have those firm limits set in place.

    Getting your kid back on track, on time, is critical so that they get started right away. So ideally you've got to start at least several days ahead of the start of school where they're coming in, in the evenings, getting settled down, getting in the bed at a reasonable hour, even if they're not falling asleep right away, let them read some books, play  some quiet games in the evening, get them into that routine.

    For those kids that have had the luxury of sleeping in all summer long you've got to start at least a week ahead of time getting them out of bed. Start a little bit of time, get them out of bed at 8 am, get them out of bed at 7 am, start moving it up. So by the time school starts they're ready to rock-and-roll.​

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