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School-Age Study Group

​​Facilitated by a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, this group is for deaf educators, mainstream teachers, speech-language pathologists, itinerate teachers and special educators wishing to discuss the multiple factors considered in addressing the needs of students with hearing loss enrolled in resource rooms, self-contained classrooms and inclusive educational settings. The group explores the interaction of student language, academic language and teacher language in real classroom settings. An ecological assessment focused on how a particular student is accessing the curriculum is used as the framework for designing educational interventions. Study Groups consist of three 2-hour courses (6 hours total); however, additional hours may be added to tailor the study group to the specific needs of the organization.

Web Stream Technical Requirements

Web streaming is available for both Macs and PCs. The computer must have Active-X Software plug-in downloaded before viewing.

Video Conference Technical Requirements

Agencies will be provided with the IP address for the seminar. Each site must participate in a coordinated video bridging test call before each scheduled live broadcast or they may not be able to participate on the day of the broadcast.

For more information or to purchase this series for your agency or school district, please contact Teresa McEvoy at (531) 355-5000 or