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Distance Consultation and Collaboration

​Boys Town National Research Hospital offers comprehensive distance support services to school districts serving children with hearing loss. Schools can look to us for advisement in a variety of areas including how to set up academic programming, selection of listening technology, and appropriate student assessment procedures for children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

In some cases, students have a hard time coping with their hearing loss and feel social isolation. In other cases, teachers are concerned about the student’s academic progress. The following distance and onsite consultation services are available to address a variety of school district or agency needs.

  • School, classroom, or daycare orientation for providing educational practices that will support the student’s learning and social inclusion.
  • Cochlear implant or hearing device orientation and troubleshooting.
  • In-service training and orientation to hearing loss.
  • Student record review and recommendations for Individual Education Plan Development.
  • Distance counseling for the student’s social-emotional growth and development.
  • Virtual classroom and therapy​ visits and personalized coaching for teachers, therapists and audiologists.
  • Distance advisement regarding hiring appropriately trained staff to work with students hearing loss.
  • Distant leadership and organizational development.

For more information on Distance Consultation and Collaboration, please contact please contact Teresa McEvoy at (531) 355-5000 or