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Auditory Consultant Resource Network

​The Auditory Consultant Resource Network is a comprehensive on-site and distance support service that enhances educational programs for children who are deaf and hard of hearing by connecting classroom teachers, speech pathologists and audiologists with the hearing specialists at Boys Town National Research Hospital.

Our multi-disciplinary team of Auditory Consultants includes audiologists, student assessment specialists, deaf educators, speech-language pathologists, counselors, interpreters and early interventionists.

Auditory Consultants provide services ranging from individual professional coaching to comprehensive school district consultation and training. School district consultations assist educational administrators in examining current practices, staff training needs and service options for children who are deaf or hard of hearing. The consultation process includes:

  • Examining the district’s current services
  • Analysis of the program strengths, needs, opportunities and challenges
  • Development of a strategic plan to address the training needs including: on-site training distance seminars, professional coaching and leadership advisement
  • Participation in ongoing distance mentoring and training opportunities

The Network’s distance mentoring program enables school districts to interact with Auditory Consultants in a time and cost-effective manner through web streaming seminars and video conferencing. Services include:

  • Classroom hearing technology consultations
  • Student multi-disciplinary assessments
  • Classroom-based assessments
  • Mentoring for interpreters serving students with cochlear implants
  • Virtual observations of multidisciplinary assessment, classrooms and therapy sessions
  • Web streaming cochlear implant visits; mapping, therapy and evaluations
  • Parent and educator workshops
  • Team development and leadership training seminars

For more information on the Auditory Consultant Resource Network, please contact

Catherine C. Carotta, Ed.D.
Lied Learning and Technology Center
Boys Town National Research Hospital
425 North 30 Street
Omaha, NE 68131
(531) 355-5000