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Boys Town Vision Program Hosts 15th Annual Beeping Egg Hunt


Monday, April 3, 2023

​​The Boys Town Hall of History was filled with the sound of beeping on Saturday, April 1 as children with visual impairments participated in the 15th Annual Beeping Egg Hunt, hosted by the Boys Town Vision Program.

This unique, inclusive event allows children who have a hard time finding eggs in a traditional egg hunt (which relies heavily on vision) the chance to find 16 eggs and take home prizes. When they weren't on the hunt for eggs, attendees listened to storytelling teaching artist Donnis Arens act out “The Tale of Peter Rabbit" and took pictures with a real live bunny!

 So…how does the beeping egg hunt work?

Prior to the children's arrival, volunteers placed large plastic eggs throughout the Boys Town Hall of History. The eggs make a beeping sound so children can find them even if they have difficulty seeing. The hunters then trade in their eggs for prizes like candy, stuffed animals and scented chalk.

The egg hunt is a family-friendly event – so siblings without visual impairments are able to join in the fun too! Check out the photo gallery below for highlights of the 15th Annual Beeping Egg Hunt.​