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 What to Expect on Your Childs Surgery Day


What to Expect on Your Child’s Surgery Day


Welcome to the surgery center at Boys Town National Research Hospital.

Whether your child is here for a minor procedure or a more complicated surgery, you can be certain we will provide the highest level of surgical care, in surroundings designed for the convenience and comfort of you and your family.

A day or two before surgery, you will receive a telephone call from a nurse confirming the date, time and type of surgery.

The nurse will discuss preparations and what to bring for an out-patient or an overnight visit.

When you arrive at the surgery center​ you will be greeted by a patient representative. The representative will ask you to verify your child’s information and will place an identification bracelet on your child.

After check-in, a nurse will escort you to your private room. Each personal suite is designed to make your hospital stay more comfortable. We encourage at least one parent to remain kin the patient room during their child’s surgery.

As your child prepares for surgery, your nurse will visit with you about your child’s medical history, take your child’s blood pressure, pulse oximetry and temperature.

 You will meet your anesthesiologist before surgery. This is the doctor who will administer your child’s sedation medication and monitor your child during the entire surgery or procedure.

“Hi, I’m Natalie. I’m your child-life specialist.”

Every child admitted to the Boys Town surgery center, will be assigned a child-life specialist, a medical professional, who explains surgical procedures to help your child understand and cope.

Children use real medical equipment on dolls to gain a better understanding about their procedure.

Videos, books, and toys may be brought into your room or your child-life specialist can show you and your child the playroom, full of toys, books and games for all ages.

When it’s time for surgery, hugs, kisses and I love yous are great ways to help ease your child to the operating room.

Your surgeon will be waiting for your child in the operating room. The anesthesiologist will begin the sedation medication through a mask or an I.V. Once the medicine begins your child will quickly fall asleep and will not feel any pain during surgery.

Your child will wake up in the recovery room. A recovery room nurse will be monitoring his or her heart rate, blood pressure, temperature and pain level. Immediately after surgery, your surgeon will give you an update on your child’s condition and discuss the surgery. Parents are encouraged to ask any questions about the surgery or your child’s health.

Once back in the patient room, your nurse will continue to check on your child and monitor how well he or she eats and drinks after surgery.

Before you know it, it will be time to go home. Your nurse will give your family detailed care instructions, a follow-up treatment plan, and phone numbers to call if you have any questions or concerns after you get home.

A surgery nurse will call your family the following day to make sure your child is on his or her way to a full, happy and healthy recovery. We hope this video gave you a better understanding of what to expect on your child’s surgery day. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Boys Town National Research Hospital.

To prepare your child for surgery you must first prepare yourself as a parent. This video will walk you through what to expect on your child's surgery day from the moment you enter the surgery center. ​​​​