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What to Expect with Vestibular Rehab - VOR with Metronome

  • So what we’re going to do for this one is you have the X.  You’re going to put it out there in front of you and you have to keep your focus on the X and it has to stay a clear focus.  So as you’re starting to move your head in that No No fashion, then we’re going to need for you to keep it clear so that it doesn’t double, get hazy or any symptoms.  Once you start to get symptoms, let me know.  I’m timing this and we’ll go up to two minutes.  Then we will vary the speed in which you do your No Nos using this app on the smartphone.  Okay, on the metronome.  Okay now start your No Nos and see if you can time it with the metronome. 

    Everything staying clear?  ‘

    Okay if there are symptoms, then we’ll decrease the speed so that you can make it through the full two minutes. 

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