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Pediatric Seizures and KCNA2 – Zax’s Story

Christmas of 2018, Zax Doyle had his first seizure, caused by a genetic mutation called KCNA2. This led to many falls and tears for Zax and constant worry for his parents.

Wanting the best for Zax, his mom called Boys Town Pediatric Neurology and made an appointment to see Boys Town Neurologist Dr. Valeria Naranjo. It was this decision that showed her how big of a difference it can make to get the right care, at the right time, from the right people.

“The neurology department here, for me, means… life,” Amber Doyle said. “I mean, look at him! He can be a normal little boy because of the people that are here at Boys Town – because they cared so much that they wanted to do everything that they could to try to ​help him.”

And Amber means everything! From medication, to diet changes, to comprehensive therapies to help Zax reach his milestones, Dr. Naranjo left no stone unturned in her cutting-edge treatment plan.

Watch the story of Zax’s life-changing care below.

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