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  • Sprains

    A sprain is really a stretch or, what you could call, a bunch of tiny tears to a ligament. It can happen anywhere in the body, of course, it seems like ankles are the most common. It’s just a matter of stepping the wrong way and you can sprain your ankle. Probably the most common ones are kids in running sports where they do a lot of cutting, like basketball or soccer.

    What is the treatment for a sprain?

    The first treatment is a thing we call RICE, which stands for rest, ice, compression and elevation, basically, symptomatic treatment. Depending on how well that works we might add some physical therapy in later or even some bracing.

    How can sprains be prevented?

    You need to keep your ankles as strong as possible and one of the most important things is to develop a better sense of balance. There is a thing called proprioception and that is really how our body tells where our joints are in space. If you can develop a better sense of that, you’ll have a lower risk of injury.

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