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Pediatric IBD Parent Support

Connect with pediatric IBD parents, right here.

When you choose Boys Town Pediatric Gastroenterology, you'll receive the highest quality care by our team of medical specialists along with family support from our Parent Partner.

Meet Joanna Hagedorn - Our ImproveCareNow Parent Partner

Joanna Hagedorn is a Parent Partner with the Pediatric GI team at Boys Town Pediatrics and also works with the ImproveCareNow Network. She and her husband are the parents of Riley, an eighth grader with Crohn's Disease. Riley was diagnosed at 8 years old. 

Joanna brings a parent's valuable insight to our treatment team. Equally important is her role in helping other parents of children with IBD. Joanna is avaiable to provide non-medical advice and support for parents and patients.


Parent-to-Parent Educational Topics

  • New Diagnosis - When your child is first diagnosed it can be overwhelming and scary. Learn about navigating this new world.
  • Diets and IBD - Diets can be tricky when it comes to pediatric IBD. Joanna talks about her experiences as a parent of a child with Crohn's.
  • Medications - What parents should know about medications and advice for parents going through the diagnosis for the first time.
  • School and IBD - Sending your child to school after an IBD diagnosis can be worrisome. Learn advice for parents going through this transition.

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