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Keeping Your Baby Healthy During COVID

While available evidence has shown most children do not appear to be at high risk for COVID-19, it is still important to take precautions and keep your baby healthy.

How can I tell the difference between COVID-19 and a Cold?

Newborns and children are likely to be asymptomatic or show mild symptoms. For newborns and children, it may manifest as poor feeding and fussiness, fever, dry cough or fatigue. However, if your child has any symptoms, it is best to contact a doctor and talk through what is going on.

How do I protect my infant?

The main ways to protect both yourself and your infant are limiting visitors, social distancing and cleaning. You may want your family and friends to meet your baby, but for the time being, it may be best to either have a small circle of contacts or say no altogether. If you would like to still see family, or introduce them to your baby, practicing social distancing allows them to still meet your baby, but at a distance. Lastly, washing your hands or using hand sanitizer on high-contact surfaces will help limit the spread.

Should I bring my infant in for well-checks?

While we understand the hesitancy of bringing an infant into a clinic, it is extremely important to continue to attend your well-check visits. If you are worried, you may call your pediatricians office and talk to them about your concerns and the measures they are taking to keep patients safe.

Is it safe to breastfeed my baby?

There is limited data on COVID passing through breastmilk, however, there are no known cases of COVID transmission through breastmilk. In fact, breastmilk has properties that help boost a baby's immune system. If you suspect you have COVID, when breastfeeding, thoroughly wash your hands and wear a mask. If you have been diagnosed with COVID and have active symptoms, it may be best to pump and have someone else feed your breastmilk to your baby.


Keeping yourself healthy is just as important as keeping your baby healthy. Make sure your needs as well as your infants are being taken care of. Make time for yourself and stay connected to family and friends.

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