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Is This Normal for My Baby?


​Naturally, moms worry about their newborns and whether their appearance, health and overall demeanor are normal. Most things new moms worry about are perfectly normal. 

Swelling at Birth

There are two main reasons newborns are swollen after birth. One is mothers will retain fluids while they're in labor, and the fluids transfer through the placenta so the baby can get a little swollen from that. Babies have some birth trauma during delivery which can make them a little swollen. After the first few days, swelling reduces.

Hair Versus No Hair

There are two main reasons why some babies are born with hair and some are born without. Genetics play a big role in how much hair a baby is born with, but so does gestational age. Most babies have hair early on in gestation, which typically falls out around 36 weeks, but it can last through birth. 

Cone-Shaped Heads

The bones in a baby's head aren't totally fused at delivery. During birth, they can get pushed together, molding in the shape of a cone. It will go away on its own.

Crossed Eyes

As long as baby's eyes are crossing intermittently, it's normal for babies to have crossed eyes. Their brains are just trying to figure out how to fixate. Crossed eyes are normal for the first four months unless they are persistently crossed. If it happens occasionally, it's nothing to worry about.

Frequent Hiccups

Hiccups can become so frequent and aggressive that you'll worry that they're hurting your baby. They're just the diaphragm spasming, and it is baby's way of getting used to their bodies. It might be uncomfortable, but hiccups are not actually hurting your baby.

Not Burping After Nursing

The reason babies burp is that they often swallow air while nursing. It happens with bottle feeding and breastfeeding, though babies that are breastfed don't swallow as much air, so sometimes they don't burp at all. Either way, try burping baby the first few days. If they don't burp, that means they don't need to.

Labored Breathing

Babies sometimes do periodic breathing, which is when they're breathing at a normal rate, then suddenly start breathing faster and deeper, slowing down after a while. If you notice your baby breathing very heavily all the time, call your Boys Town pediatrician.

Cradle Cap

Cradle cap looks like yellow scales on baby's head. Its medical name is seborrheic dermatitis and it is very common. Cradle cap can also appear as a red rash on baby's face. When it's on the head, apply baby oil, avocado oil, or some other topical oil. When it's on the face, you can apply lotion, or your doctor may prescribe a steroid cream.

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