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Improving the Hearing of Children


  • Improving the Hearing of Children

    Our goal at Boys Town is to promote communication development. So from the audiologist standpoint, we’re looking to provide the best information when there is hearing loss present. That might include hearing aids or it might include other assistive listening devices. Whatever it takes, we work with the families to find out the best solution for their child.

    A sound booth can be a scary place for kids and their parents too. So, we have made every attempt to make it a kid-friendly environment.

    Depending on the age of the child, we modify our hearing testing accordingly.

    “As she starts to fall asleep, we will begin to record the responses.”

    An infant will be actually sleeping for the hearing test while we play different tones to their ears to determine how soft a sound they can hear.

    “Look, look, look, Santiago, over here!”

    When a child is a little older, we’ll use speech sounds. Maybe, their name to get their attention or maybe they will just turn to the sound. A toy will light up and they will be reinforced by that. We’ll use a variety of tones that are important for hearing and understanding speech sounds.

    “There is hearing loss in both ears and let me explain what that means.”

    The parents are often, somewhat in shock to find out their infant or young child needs hearing aids. We do a lot of teaching with what hearing loss means, what effects it might have and what we are anticipating for that child.

    “The ear mold is a piece that we will continue to make to fit the baby’s ears.”

    When children get hearing aids for the first time it’s a pretty extended process, where we first discuss amplification options. What are your choices? So, when we first fit the hearing aid, we are working very closely with the parents so they understand as much as possible, how the hearing aid works and how to put it in the ear.

    “Carrots are grown all over the world.”

    Any hearing aid that a child would receive will be set precisely to their hearing loss. Our goal, eventually, is to get them to the point where they can communicate most effectively in as many environments as possible.

    When you come to Boys Town, we are here for you. Our audiologists are dedicated to helping your child hear the best that they can, using whatever technology is available.