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Improving Adult Hearing

  • Improving Adult Hearing

    “We’re just going to check your hearing today. You’re fine just like that.”

    When I think about what’s unique to Boys Town, the first thing that comes to mind is our staff. They are highly-trained, passionate and really committed. Our facility is a clinical facility and a research facility and that benefits everybody.

    We have three facilities, our 30th street office, which is a full-service practice for infants through elderly people. A full-service practice in Council Bluffs which is one of our newest facilities. That’s a very active practice and they see adults at that center too. We also have a West Omaha office on Boys Town’s campus as well.

    Our research audiologists are internationally known for their research in identifying hearing loss. Their research is really driven by the questions and problems that we see in the clinic.

    Clinical audiologists, on the other hand, have really direct access to the newest information on how to identify hearing loss, what the benefits of the new technology is and also the best way to fit that technology to patients. Of course patients benefit because they get really good care. It’s a circle and we all benefit from the information that we share.

    “We have several different options of hearing aids.”

    We carry the products of about eight different manufacturers and that’s a lot of products. That’s not typical and that allows us to have more flexibility so that we can pick the product that meets their needs, is the best for them, at the most affordable price possible.

    “A carrot is a long, reddish yellow vegetable which has…”

    During the fitting we really use state-of-the-art techniques to make sure that the hearing instruments are set appropriately for them. We don’t just plug it into the computer and put it on. We actually measure the performance of the devices and fine tune them specifically for them.

    We also spend a great deal of time making sure people are comfortable with the product and how to use it and how to take the best advantage of it.

    The third piece for us that, I think, is unique is how much time we spend after each client gets their hearing aids. To make sure they have all the support and follow-up they need to be successful with the devices.

    Everything is always new and exciting here. I feel like we’re providing very focused and personal service.

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