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Educational Holiday Gifts for Children


​Holiday gift giving doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Children love to learn through play, so this year, give them a gift of learning. These gifts will keep children entertained while keeping parents happy.

Books: Stretch the imagination with a good story book that parents can read before bedtime or select books from a popular series or author for the older child. Activity books are also a great gift for children learning their colors, numbers and letters.

Interactive learning games: Children will have fun learning shapes, mathematics, reading and even a second language with the help of many fun and interactive video games for the computer and home gaming systems.

Board games: Remember Chutes and Ladders, Connect 4 and Twister? These and other popular board games can help teach team playing, along with colors and counting.

Crafts: Give an assortment of old-fashioned craft items such as crayons, coloring books, painting sets, beads and clay. Children can be creative while they learn coordination, patience and other fine motor skills—all while having a quiet activity to do at home. (Make sure products are age-appropriate.)

Outdoor fun: Snow suits, snow boots, hats, mittens and don’t forget the sled. Peak a child’s curiosity by sending him/her on an outdoor adventure. Creating snow forts and snowmen is not only healthy exercise, it’s fun too.

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